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Funding boost for sports app firm Find a Player

A Scottish start-up has secured £100,000 of funding from a tech entrepreneur for a sports app which "helps players find games and games find players".

Mr Law said he believed the app could "become Tinder for the sports world".

He said: "Our app solves a huge problem - there are still far too many barriers which stop people from organising or getting involved in sport.

"Find a Player makes it easier than ever before to find the sports and games that are right for you at the touch of a button.

"Ultimately, this investment will help us boost the number of users and games on the platform."

Find a Player is currently exploring several business models for making cash out of the free app.

They include using advertising or getting users to pay for games through the app.

Mr Sacks, a former Manchester United youth team player who later founded property firm Sequre Property Investment, said: "My first reaction when I heard about Find a Player was surprise.

"When you think about it, it's such an obvious idea, I couldn't believe it hadn't already been done - I wish I'd thought of it."


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